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BikerOrNot Site Information
How does BikerOrNot make any money?
How much does it cost to join?
What are some of the features on BikerOrNot?
What are the basic rules to follow?
What is BikerOrNot?
Customizing Profiles
How do I customize my profile?
I broke my profile with a style code. How do I fix it?
Why has my entire profile shifted to the right or left?
Photos & Albums
How do I add albums?
How do I change my main photo?
How do I delete comments made on my photos?
How do I disallow tagging on my photos?
How do I use one of my album photos for my main photo?
What can be done about objectionable content on BikerOrNot?
Why am I unable to upload images to BikerOrNot?
Why can I not upload images to BikerOrNot?
Why was my picture deleted or my profile altered?
What is a URL and why should I set it up?
When is (insert feature name) going to be available?
Why does setting my status not work?
How do I get (insert widget name) to work?
What are widgets?
How do I attach a video to my post?
How do I post a YouTube video?
How do I post pictures on member's walls?
Why can I not post on all of my friend's walls at the same time?
Why can I not send someone messages or post on their wall?
Events & Rides
How do I edit the event I created?
How do I edit the ride I created?
How do I invite my friends to my event/ride?
IM & Chat
What are the rules for BikerOrNot Chat?
Why does my IM not work?
How do I allow only friends to view my profile?
How do I request a friend?
How do I search for a specific person?
How do I see who viewed my profile?
How do I set my Top Friends?
How do I unblock someone?
Email & Other Account Information
How do I block promotional BikerOrNot messages?
How do I change my email on BikerOrNot?
How do I change my password?
How do I control email alerts from BikerOrNot?
How do I deactivate my profile?
How do I reactivate my account?
How do I validate my e-mail?
I forgot my username and password. How can I get a reminder?
I received email alerts saying I have new messages. Why can't I read them?
Why does my birthday not show up in Upcoming Birthdays?
Where can I buy BikerOrNot merchandise?
Tech Support & Reporting
How do I report a problem or get help with the site?
How do I report a problem or get help with the site?
How do I report scams or spam?
When should I contact Tech Support?
Why is Tech Support ignoring my questions?
Why do none of my actions show up in the News Feed?
Why do the links under my main photo not appear when viewing my own profile?
Why is my unread message count not zero?
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