BikerOrNot FAQ - How do I validate my e-mail?

When you signed up, a validation e-mail was sent to the e-mail address you used to set up a profile on BikerOrNot. It could be AOL, yahoo, hotmail, sbcglobal, etc. You want to:

1) Log into your e-mail account
2) Open the e-mail from BikerOrNot
3) Click the link provided in the e-mail
4) Type in your login information and hit submit

- If the link inside the e-mail is broken, click this link on your BikerOrNot edit page to manually type in your 8 digit validation key:
"Link broken? Validate e-mail manually with the validation key"

- If you don't see the e-mail in your AOL, yahoo, hotmail, sbcglobal, etc. e-mail account, make sure it's not in your julk/bulk/spam folder. If it's still not there, click this link on your BikerOrNot edit page to resend the validation e-mail and follow steps 1 - 4:
"Don't see it? Resend the validation e-mail."

- If you don't receive an validation e-mail from BikerOrNot, click this link on your BikerOrNot edit page to change your e-mail address:
"Or, change your e-mail address."
Even though you've changed your e-mail address to your new one, your old e-mail address will still show. It will change to your new e-mail address once you log into your new e-mail address and validate your account (you can do this by following steps 1 - 4)

If you're still confused, watch the validation video tutorial:
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