Women with tattoos are beautiful and sexy!!

If you are a woman and you have a tattoo or tattoos, then this page is for you! This page is also for the people who think that tattoos on women are beautiful and sexy!

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newest addition...
My polyamory. Wife Karen
One just makes me want more! -
Some of my ink
I would show off mine .. But isn't not finished yet :(
Another amazing one my son law did :)
Done on my girlfriend :)
My favorite. This was done on my daughter in law :)
Have to show off .. These are amazing tattoos that my son law did. ..:)
A previously shared one... but plan on adding as soon as weather starts to warm up....
Omg! Imagine that! kelsybell is looking for a financially secure man on yet another fan page...... Maybe we should start a gold digger pager so she can post it in the right location
looking for one special man who is financially secure to share myself with
I'm not getting half naked to show mine, but I have half sleeve and 10 other tats as well as 17 piercings...hopefully finish full sleeve soon.
my newest peice
I like her tats
Good day to start a pot of sauce ,and snuggle with my pup .

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