Women with tattoos are beautiful and sexy!!

If you are a woman and you have a tattoo or tattoos, then this page is for you! This page is also for the people who think that tattoos on women are beautiful and sexy!

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arm, and some on my back which i can not see lol
on my calf, not a great photo, seems i really suck at any kind of selfie photo, lol
I have always liked a lady with a tattoo ;)
work in progress...need to head back home to finish it...
Round 3
San Antonio here.
when I finally get off my ass and get a camera, you will get pics of all my tats!Spiderwebs, exotic flowers, barbed wire, and the list goes on...
9 Butterflies on my arm and 1 snake on my back
One of 5, memorial tat and my favorite
Finally finished... with this part :)
not finished with the bottom one lol
mid - lower back ..work in progress!!
my newest addition!
A Work in Progress ...
One of 6.. I designed this one .. Has special meaning to me :/)

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